Keeping in mind the possibilities of making big films in Madhya Pradesh, the State President of Madhya Pradesh Film Association Manish Soni, with the aim of displaying the rich art of the state, on display on the world screen, and filmmakers coming from Mumbai In order to provide as many facilities as possible, a company called Cube Media Entertainment has been formed.

The main objective of this company is to make the film makers coming from Mumbai a very high level of facilities at very low prices. So, the filmmakers come to Madhya Pradesh and shoot as many films and TV serials as possible. Our aim is to make all kinds of positive efforts to further the film production in Madhya Pradesh in a pleasant atmosphere.

We are able to provide any kind of location and all other facilities anywhere in whole of Madhya Pradesh. The atmosphere of Madhya Pradesh is very quiet and cordial. So that the filmmakers will not have any problem in shooting here. There is also a lot of local artists here, who will work with you according to your convenience.

We are launching a new culture with local artists in Madhya Pradesh. Under which no commission of any kind from any artist will be taken from his remuneration. We will only work on line production fees for us. Nothing extra will be taken from film artists and workers. Our main objective is to give them their right.

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