Dharmawiki, a unique resource for scripture based knowledge launched in India

MUMBAI – 8th Jan 2019 – Dharmawiki, a unique resource for scripture based knowledge and a project by Virat Hindustan Sangam was launched in India at a national conference titled “Grand India Renaissance” in Mumbai, this Sunday.

Dharmawiki (www.dharmawiki.org) is a bonafide repository for Dharmic concepts and guidelines, which presents crisp yet comprehensive articles free from western interpretations, psychoanalysis, and extrapolations.

Styled in the lines of Wikipedia, Dharmawiki is a knowledge bank which attempts to dispel the myths created by western indoctrination and bring about a total renaissance in the field of Sashastriya Samalochana Paddati (Shashtra based thinking process).

Subramanian Swamy, Founder & President of Virat Hindustan Sangam speaking at the conference said, “We have the largest percentage of young people in the world and today, if we have to build renaissance, we have to build a national character and encourage our youth for a risk-taking ability. It is possible to bring back the glorious past of India if we are all united. Renaissance can only happen when you know your heritage and what you can do to save that heritage.”

Swamy also stressed on the need to relook at our text books, which incorporate proper Indian history rather than only concentrate on the times of British and Moghul rule over India.

Eminent personalities present at the event gave a strong narrative on reviving our economic, educational and social structural systems for a better and prosperous future of our country based on dharmic principles.

Shri Govinda Das, Spiritualist-ISKCON said, “For an internal growth there has to be a very strong external surrounding also. Ramdas Swami, the great Guru of Shivaji, gave three messages to people viz. spiritually absorbed, politically alert and socially sensitive and this is required to be practiced in today’s context also.

“Dharmawiki is a beginning of renaissance for knowledge based on rishi parampara. It will recreate pride in our youngsters about their identity as a true Bharatiya. I am very proud to be part of this unique initiative of Dharmawiki,” added Dr. Ajay Sankhe, President of Virat Hindustan Sangam, Maharashtra.

This national conference was attended by eminent personalities including Prof. Ramasubramanian, IIT Bombay, Prof. R.Vaidyanathan,  IIM Bangalore, H. H. Swami Nirbhayananda, Acharya of Chinmaya Mission, Shri. Ratan Sharda, Author and Columnist, Dr. V. V. Prakash Rao, President of Global Hindu Heritage Foundation, Shri. Jagannath Priya Ji, Editor – Dharma Today, Shri. Govinda Das, acclaimed Author & Spiritualist – ISKCON, Prof. Ganesh Ramakrishnan, IIT Bombay, Ms. Madhu Kishwar, Indian Academic and Writer, Shri. Shriraj Nair, VHP and Shri Hrishikesh Mafatlal, CEO, Arvind Mafatlal group.

The conference covered topics like Infiltration of Knowledge Resources, Pitfalls of Economy Without Dharma, Divided We Fall, Dharma Through the Eyes of West, Impact of Social Media on Psyche of Bharat, Dharmic Nationalism – A Key to Renaissance, Dharma in Net Age: East – West Perspective and Think Virat, Be Virat etc.

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