First Time in India Movie on Cross Gender Community- HIJRAS- Na Raja Na Rani

First Time in India Movie on Cross Gender Community- HIJRAS- Na Raja Na Rani
Gay ,Cross Gender, Eunuch ,Kinner and Hijra  , a name that reflects a community of special deprived status.

In our so called Human Male dominated society 3rd Gender is used to lacing behind all privileges and status they deserve.  In this scenario,  a young and energetic producer Mr H M Imran dared to come ahead and do something for this deprived community.a movie  has been made on this Unique and Important subject namely ”Na  Raja  Na  Rani ” the Writer, Director and Producer of the film Mr Imran told Mohan Ayyer  that 150 original Hijras from all over India have been engaged in making of this movie, over 90 among them hail from Mumbai. He further said the movie has been made under Roof Cine Services banner which is dealing with how a common boy developed kinner and eunuch elements and what difficulties he has to face for smooth existence in the male dominated society.

He said the movie deals with the Gay, Cross Gender and Hijra Community’s Original Problems right from emergence of the Gay element to its efforts of  Existence in the Society.
a special 3 G Tarana ” bhagwan tu ne hijra banaya hai kiyon hamei;N”  is a song of the movie penned by Dr.Salman Abid , this has been written in way of Third Gender Anthem and picturised very brilliantly.
Music by Bombay Bhole and the movie is being released by ScreenShot Media and Entertainment Group. well known Producer / Distributor of this Movie Israar Ahmed said: “This movie is  a Genius Work on celluloid and its an eye opener movie for our Policy Makers and Society.

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